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Shop On Epiphany Lane is a self-care boutique for the self-care enthusiast. Life happens fast but when you stop and reflect on the season you are in, you often remember the little things. Shop On Epiphany Lane is built on the idea that we can create lives full of Peace, Power and Joy if we only do so "on purpose".

Therapist-curated collections of clothing, accessories and home items to add something special to your self-care practice all-year long.

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On Epiphany Lane Signature Apparel

On Epiphany Lane Signature Cotton TeeOn Epiphany Lane Signature Cotton Tee
  • Peace

    Experiencing Peace is more than feeling calm and relaxed. It is also acknowledging what nurtures you and brings a sense of security.

    Invite Peace 
  • Power

    Power is expressed through our desire to show up fully. Power is where we feel aware, appreciated, important and confident.

    Grab Your Power 
  • Joy

    Joy grows from the smallest spark. This is where you can be playing, cheerful and energetic. Be sexy, daring and creative when you experience joy

    Take Hold of Joy 
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